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Office Zombies is a simple arcade-style shooting game where you shoot zombies inside a bank.

Appearing from different directions, zombies in Office Zombies attack you with weapons as you try to kill them before they fire. It is a simple game that does not have a lot of depth, but it does have some value as a quick diversion game.

The graphics in Office Zombies are very simple with a 16-bit game style using sprites to animate the screen. There is not much to view because the game uses a very plain background that does not change as the game takes place.

You have a life bar and a set number of bullets in your gun that you have to reload after they are gone. Office Zombies is repetitive, but even though it lacks depth, there is enough in the easy gameplay to make the game addictive.

Office Zombies is not the most complex game, but it provides a nice distraction.

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Office Zombies

Office Zombies


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